Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY22011 & Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

Dr. Lori Baudino, BC-DMT​

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​Services are provided in office, home and community with weekend options available.

- Comprehensive Family & Individual Child Treatment (0-18 years old)
- Psychological and Emotional Support
- Movement / Play Therapy
- Behavioral Observation (Home / School)
- Autism Spectrum Disorder and Special Needs Therapy
- Medically Fragile, Chronic Illness & Pain Disorder Support
- Staff Training & Child Development Support for Childcare, Preschool & School Settings
- Adoption Competency Statements
- Addiction and Trauma Group & Individual Support
- School Psychological Observations / IEP Support

Other Services Provided:
​- Speaking Engagements
- Therapy for Adolescent Addiction and Trauma (Individual & Group)
- Parenting Workshops
- Doctoral and Dance/Movement Therapy Student Supervision