Licensed Clinical Psychologist PSY22011 & Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist

Dr. Lori Baudino, BC-DMT​

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Dr. Baudino offers parenting and community-centered gatherings. An opportunity to embody a clear understanding of parenting and child development. 

Some of the topics (but not limited to): 

Mindful teaching for the moving child
Learning involves the cognitive, emotional, and physical development of a child. As an educator and parent, one must understand nonverbal communication, play and intention to make meaningful connections and endless learning. 

Language, listening, and loving...oh my! 

Learn the top language choices to capture your own child’s interest, engage in a meaningful relationship and truly love parenting.

Become a Super Flyer

With travel happening throughout the year. Your family can learn the mindset, tips, and strategies for taking child development to new heights. Learn how to be successful in the air and on the ground through life.

Sports Parents! 

Learn what keeps children motivated and in the game. How to get involved in sports, to learn your own child’s interests and spark a future of sportsmanship, endurance, play, and wellness.

Transforming Transitions 

Your child may seem impossible, at times, to get out the door. Learn to understand your child’s individual needs. Understand strategies to support the changing experiences. Succeed in a connection that gets your family out the door and into the days' events! 

For a more comprehensive list or specific topics related to your school/ parenting community interest please contact Dr. Baudino at