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Dr. Baudino provides personalized care with a focus on the whole child – mind, body, and spirit – while taking into consideration each family’s lifestyle and therapeutic needs. Being available to clients is of the utmost importance, especially with everything going on in the world, and in each of our lives.

You and your family deserve optimal health that starts with emotional and physical care. With these needs in mind, Dr.Baudino has created a Concierge Service, where families can have consistent, scheduled sessions in addition to access to support when they need it most.


  • Direct access to Dr. Baudino via email & text message

  • 7 included sessions:

    • 4 Weekly 50 minute individualized sessions (+10 minutes extended time)

    • 2 monthly 50-minute support sessions for additional care providers
      (eg, Babysitter/ Nanny/ In-laws/ Grandparents) (+10 minutes extended time)

    • 1 monthly 50-minute Collaborative Check-In session with a select professional
      (eg, pediatrician, alternative doctors, educators & providers)
      (+10minutes extended time)

  • Exclusive evening/weekend hours available for parent/care provider sessions

  • Online, secure portal to schedule sessions

  • Ability to select preferred time & day for recurring sessions

  • Monthly Superbill provided for insurance reimbursement

  • Introduction/referral to pediatric specialists and resources

  • Write-ups customized to your child’s individual needs (eg, Strategies for Sensory
    Integration, Scheduling, Behavioral/ Growth Check Sheet, Sleep Support,
    Education/School Setting Support Strategies)


A developing child experiences life through movement, an innate way to communicate. Movement crosses all languages, classes, genders, and levels of need. As an expert in the field of Psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy, Dr. Baudino looks at the “whole child,” taking into consideration the interconnection of the mind and body, and utilizing movement as a link to a child’s parallel processes (psychological, emotional, social, and physical). Dr. Baudino actively stays up to date on the latest research and approaches in child development to better serve as a top-tier integrative psychologist.

Collaborating with other pediatric experts in various disciplines allows for better insight into your child’s individual needs, relationships, and learning. Such areas include, but are not limited to, nutrition, myofunctional/oral/motor health, academic/educational advocacy, auditory, visual, and sensory processing, craniosacral, occupational therapy, medical intuitive/psychic mediums, somatic psychology, neurobiology, speech/language pathology, and functional pediatric medicine. In addition, our partnership may include exploration of the birth process, toileting routines, sleep support, and mindfulness practices. Therapeutic support always involves interactive and collaborative experiences that support the mind, body, and spirit of your child and family.

Based on client interest, Dr.Baudino can collaborate with your other care providers or make introductions to pediatric specialists and create shared treatment goals and plans. Therapy and medical support is then focused on the underlying understanding of movements (a.k.a “behaviors”) and best approaches for overall health and well-being.


1. Child sessions involve communication, psychoeducation, hands-on games, and the use of creative art mediums (dance, art, music), sports, and nature. Sessions will involve somatic (body) based work, including mindfulness and various sensory interactive tools.

2. Parent sessions provide direct support to navigate the many growth points and interactions with your child. The sessions may involve psychoeducation, reflective communication, and experiential (activities to practice parenting interventions and responses).

3. Care-provider/Nanny/Relative sessions allow direct time for alternative adults in your child’s life to learn about your child’s individual differences, unique style of learning, or underlying health needs, and how to effectively respond. Additionally, Dr. Baudino can provide your desired parenting plan in a non-confrontational way.

4. Life sessions allow for in-the-moment coaching and reflection. Scheduling your session
during mealtime, bedtime routine, transitions, peer or sibling interactions, or interactive
daily activities allow Dr. Baudino to be a “fly on the wall” and have a glimpse into the reactions and patterns that can either be celebrated or changed.


Typical therapy sessions are 45 to 50 minutes, which include planning your schedule and payments. With Dr.Baudino’s Concierge Service, your sessions and payment plan are already established, so your entire session time will be focused only on your child and family needs, with the option of ten extended minutes if needed.


Scheduling sessions on a week-to-week basis can feel overwhelming and unintentionally get deprioritized, leaving a family missing weeks of services at a time. Dr. Baudino’s Concierge Service helps to ensure therapeutic support is a priority because you have it when you need it most. For families who require flexible scheduling, the secure portal makes it easy to schedule on different days and times each week without any hassle, instead of being locked into the same day and time, if that’s preferred.


Dr. Baudino will continue to offer all services virtually and/or via phone. Whether due to the pandemic or just the bustle of busy life, no one has to miss out on services. Virtual therapy can allow Dr. Baudino to observe and support family dynamics as they happen, for example, sessions scheduled during meals, transitions, sibling interactions, peer dynamics/playdates, and family discussions can promote accessibility to change and growth. Rather than a theoretical or outside discussion, treatment is provided at the moment, when it is needed most. Outcomes and strategies are generalized and maintained across environments and family members.


Concierge Services provide direct access to Dr.Baudino, so clients can email or text with their specific, in-the-moment questions as they arise, and Dr.Baudino will respond via phone, email, or text and recommend the most effective course of action, whether an immediate response or follow up session.


Insurance companies and psychological assessments require a diagnosis for treatment. While Dr. Baudino can provide a specific diagnosis, she prefers to focus on providing an understanding of a child’s adaptive responses, or “behaviors”, incorporating preventative strategies and interventions and identifying integrative options to support the child’s optimal health, instead of letting a label guide the treatment plan. When a diagnosis is
required, Dr. Baudino will discuss the criteria and symptomatology identified, answer any questions, and provide an understanding of the child’s overall health description. The parent is an integral part of this discussion allowing for open communication and a partnership in support of the child.

Dr.Baudino will provide a Superbill for sessions, which may be reimbursable (depending on the insurance carrier) to submit to insurance, while also providing an understanding of
any diagnosis or codes identified.


With Dr. Baudino, therapy is integrative and consistent, focused services have historically progressed more quickly. Children communicate more effectively with their parents/care providers, and acceptance of individual differences is celebrated and understood. While abiding by confidentiality and care for the child, he/she/they will be supported to learn how and when to share information with parents, further supporting the family bond and the child’s overall development. One of Dr. Baudino’s goals is to give your child the flexibility to have outside relationships and opportunities for typical social interactions and extracurricular activities, and ultimately the therapeutic experience will become a check-in place, as needs change and triumphs are celebrated.


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