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Telehealth refers to providing Psychotherapy & Integrative Play-Based Therapy services remotely using telecommunications technologies, such as video conferencing or telephone. One of the benefits of telehealth is that we can engage in services without being in the same physical location. This can be helpful, particularly during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in ensuring continuity of care as we may likely be in different locations or are otherwise unable to meet in person. Services are also more convenient, available on demand and take less time.

Telehealth requires technical competence, on both our parts, to be helpful. Although there are benefits of telehealth, there are some differences between in-person treatment and telehealth, as well as some risks.

I will work with you, so that we all take reasonable steps to ensure your privacy, safety, and comfort for your child and your family during all therapeutic interactions. Additionally, maintaining open communication to foster compliance, technology support, and virtual care.

Unique to my practice, is that the integrative approach of understanding the mind/body connection truly comes to life online! While your child is within the comfort of the home environment, the relationship between care provider/parent and child is strengthened, understanding is deepened and theory becomes a practiced and practical applied process. With the convenience of this virtual platform, therapy can be in the moment when needed and always utilizing space, preferred items, and supportive care! Your child can bring familiarity to each session and be affirmed that there is no way to mess up, no demanding lectures, or expectations to be still but rather, more individualized attention, increased opportunity to move, create, explore and share.

Dr. Baudino is proud to announce telehealth services and support continued throughout the State of California and now the state of Utah!


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