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Global Therapists: Bridging Gaps, Fostering Healing, and Cultivating Cross-Cultural Care

global therapists

In recent collaborative check-ins, Dr. Lori Baudino engaged in enlightening conversations with distinguished professionals, including Dr. Adele Diamond, Dr. Mark T. Greenberg, Dr. Alison Granger-Brown, and Jansen Azarias-Suzumoto. Dr. Baudino, a licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified dance/movement therapist in the Garrison Institute Fellowship program, expresses her passion for mental health needs.

These discussions centered around the visionary Global Therapists program, aiming to revolutionize mental health interventions on a global scale, mainly focusing on children. The interviews delve into the benefits of integrating graduate students into global clinics, schools, hospitals, and programs, addressing the increasing demand for mental health therapists and the training needs of students. The program's foundation lies in a holistic approach, incorporating movement, cross-cultural practices, and hands-on training for graduate students, addressing the urgent demand for mental health therapists while offering transformative learning experiences.

Holistic Approach to Mental Health:

Dr. Adele Diamond, a Canada research chair professor specializing in executive functions, emphasized the vulnerability of the prefrontal cortex and executive functions to life stressors. She advocated for a holistic approach, considering social, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions. This illuminated the mission of the Global Therapists program, which seeks to address all aspects of a person's life to improve mental health comprehensively.

Transformative Power of Movement:

Dr. Diamond and Dr. Baudino highlighted the transformative power of incorporating movement into therapeutic interventions. They emphasized the universality of movement as a language that transcends cultural boundaries, making it a valuable tool for bridging communication gaps. Jansen Azarias-Suzumoto further stressed the impact of movement on executive functions and its role as the first pathway to safe communication, emphasizing its importance in mental health support globally.

Collaboration with Thought Leaders:

The program's collaborative nature was evident in discussions with Dr. Mark Greenberg, an expert in prevention science. Dr. Greenberg emphasized early intervention in school settings, addressing the mental health crisis at its roots. The conversations explored tailoring interventions to specific needs and ventured into diverse global contexts, showcasing the program's potential for a wide-reaching impact.

Trauma-Informed Care and Global Therapists:

In a conversation with Dr. Alison Granger-Brown, the focus shifted to trauma-informed care. Dr. Granger-Brown's extensive experience highlighted the importance of understanding trauma's impact on the body and emphasized the need for organizations to be educated on the value of therapeutic interventions. The Global Therapists program's commitment to cross-cultural practices and hands-on experiences aligns with the principles of trauma-informed care discussed.

global therapists

Cultivating Compassionate Care Worldwide:

The interviews/blog posts reflect on the collective wisdom shared by these thought leaders. Each underscores the significance of the Global Therapists program as a beacon of hope and support for individuals worldwide, fostering healing, bridging gaps, and cultivating compassionate care on a global scale.

Invitation for Continued Dialogue:

Dr. Baudino invites more thought leaders to join the dialogue and collaborate in moving the needle forward in mental health support globally. By courageously continuing the conversation and pushing boundaries, the Global Therapists program aims to make a lasting impact in addressing diverse populations' evolving mental health needs.

Through these collaborative discussions, the Global Therapists program emerges as a transformative initiative that addresses the immediate demand for mental health services and shapes the future of mental health care by integrating diverse perspectives, holistic approaches, and cross-cultural practices.

global therapists


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