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Unveiling Global Therapists: A Conversation with Dr. Mark T. Greenberg

global therapists

Embarking on a collaborative check-in, Dr. Lori Baudino welcomed Dr. Mark Greenberg to discuss her visionary program, Global Therapists. Dr. Greenberg, the Emeritus Bennett Chair of Prevention Science at Penn State University, brought a wealth of experience in psychology and social-emotional learning to the conversation.

Dr. Baudino initiated the discussion by highlighting the urgency of addressing the mental health crisis and the simultaneous need for therapists and internships. Global Therapists, rooted in her international experiences, seeks to bridge this gap by connecting graduate students with clinics worldwide, initially focusing on dance movement therapy programs.

Sharing his thoughts on the benefit of linking graduate students with clinics globally, Dr. Greenberg emphasized the importance of prevention, and advocating for early intervention in school settings. He suggested that clinics often engage with children at an advanced stage of their issues, making schools the ideal place for impactful mental health work.

Dr. Baudino expressed her intention to expand Global Therapists to various settings, addressing the challenges posed by policy constraints and lack of infrastructure. Dr. Greenberg acknowledged the context-dependent nature of the initiative and stressed the need to explore placement opportunities in schools with supervision.

The conversation pivoted towards the use of dance and movement therapies in working with children globally. Dr. Greenberg underscored the importance of tailoring interventions to children's specific needs, highlighting that no one-size-fits-all approach exists. He drew parallels with mindfulness, emphasizing the contextual nature of these therapeutic methods.

Discussing the potential impact of dance movement therapy, Dr. Baudino emphasized the unique ability of this approach to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. Dr. Greenberg endorsed the idea, citing his personal engagement in Tai Chi and recognizing the potential value of movement-centered interventions, particularly for children who have experienced trauma.

global therapists

In closing, Dr. Baudino sought Dr. Greenberg's insights on spreading awareness about Global Therapists. Dr. Greenberg advised venturing into both low or middle-income countries and more Westernized contexts to understand the nuances of implementing the program effectively. He also highlighted the importance of addressing the mental health needs of children in refugee camps, urging consideration of diverse global contexts.

The conversation concluded on a positive note, with Dr. Greenberg expressing enthusiasm for continued collaboration. As Global Therapists takes its initial steps, the dialogue between Dr. Baudino and Dr. Greenberg showcases the program's potential to revolutionize mental health interventions on a global scale.

global therapists


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